Project Manager, Engineering Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Engineering?

Project Manager, Engineering in Bentleyville:
"You will learn on the job guaranteed."
Own the projects and be involved. Learn all aspects of what makes projects successful and don't be afraid to make decisions, stand by those decisions, learn from mistakes and be a team player.

Project Manager, Engineering in Plano:
"Communication is key."
As a project manager, the most important thing to remember about your job is that clients, staff, and other stakeholders depend on your ability to clearly communicate both successes and challenges that lie ahead for the project. It is most important to let the client quickly of any problems or opportunities that lie ahead, but not immediately without considering the potential role you will have to play to take advantage of the situation.

Project Manager, Engineering in Dallas:
"Listen to experience and stay humble."
Listen first and react after. Listen to your staff -- you can learn from them on how an idea can be implemented. Be sensitive and pay attention to body language -- everything your staff says does mean something. Ask them about themselves. You don't necessarily know more than they do.

Project Manager, Engineering in Minneapolis:
"Small Company Project Manager - MN."
Pros: Travel, responsibility, and designing/building cool engineered systems.
Cons: Long hours, and deadlines.

Project Manager, Engineering in New Orleans:
"Contract is better than salary for Proj Manager type work."
The oil and chemical industries will always be busy and they pay well. Being a contractor (instead of salary) often pays better and is less stressful. As you get older you are less marketable so don't stay a contractor forever. Salary people look down on contractors, just be aware. I love being paid hourly.

Project Manager, Engineering in Port Washington:
"Learn it and learn it well."
Soak up what you can from your managers. They have a lot of knowledge and in no time at all can bring you up to speed with their skillset.

Project Manager, Engineering in Peabody:
Pros: Company culture. Meaningful relationships. New challenges.
Cons: Sense of entitlement. Lack of accountability. Lack of leadership. Lack of upward mobility.