Project Manager, Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Operations?

Project Manager, Operations in Birmingham:
If you think corporate politics are bad enough to give up your benefits and work for a small business owner with no benefits and no set sick/time off policy, think again. It may be boring in the corporate world but at least you have time off and disability, 401k etc.

Project Manager, Operations in San Francisco:
"Ensure data quality across the globe."
Pros: I drive strong revenue impact.
Cons: Tedious, difficult stakeholders.

Project Manager, Operations in Mumbai:

Project Manager, Operations in Charleston:
Pros: Flexibility, challenging, learning a significant amount, respect my colleagues, great people.
Cons: Company structure, office conditions, management.

Project Manager, Operations in Salinas:
"Great for organized/methodical people."
Pros: Room for creativity and ability to work very independently with little supervision.
Cons: Little to no formal authority, and no offices, despite same pay and skill as middle management.

Project Manager, Operations in Hermitage:
"Prepare to be treated like a sub-human drone."
You will work under impossible deadlines and have your only recharge time throughout the day - the lunchbreak - taken away because "we" have too much to do. Be prepared to eat sugar- and calorie-laden starches at your desk because 1. They won't spoil within the 8-9 hours you're trapped in that spot and 2. Try not to get angry each day when the only other employee leaves for 90-120 minutes with the newspaper he's already spent two hours reading, but stops first to tell you, "I'm going to lunch. Call my cell if you need anything." Get used to it.

Project Manager, Operations in Vernon:
"Interesting, important projects for continuous improvement."
Pros: Work flexibility, work with all positions and levels of personnel, relaxed work environment, flexible schedule, paid lunches.
Cons: High stress levels, lack of support, low morale, bad attitudes go unchecked, lack of structure.