Project Manager, Operations Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Operations?

Project Manager, Operations in Fort Worth:
"Great Place to Retire."
Pros: Only work 40 hours per week, lots of time off, and great benefits. This is the perfect place to work into retirement. A good 50% of the workforce uses LMC as their steady secondary income source for benefits.
Cons: No expectations as long as you stick to the status quo. If you're fine with working for the man and taking forever to accomplish nothing this is the perfect place for you. All of this applies if you find yourself in the average population. You might actually get beneficial work if you find yourself clubbing with the top 10% of socialites who run the place.

Project Manager, Operations in Nashville:
"Not bad but not great."
Pros: A good bit of freedom to make decisions.
Cons: Low compensation for the amount of work.

Project Manager, Operations in Tucker:
Pros: I enjoy multi-tasking in a high volume high demand environment.
Cons: There is Inconsistency with day to day operations and policy. There is need for additional Project Managers, but the need will not be filled until too late. My contract has been broken with no reason or communication from my direct boss. I am expected to pick up the slack working round the clock in addition to my 40+ hours/week. Management seems to be ok with pushing employees until they break or the project fails.

Project Manager, Operations in Las Vegas:
Pros: Work flexibility, work from home, travel.
Cons: Long travel dates, no home and work balance, no compensation for cell phone use, no compensation for internet use.

Project Manager, Operations in 17815:
"Sold myself short on salary negotions, way more hours."
Pros: Daily change of pace. Travel the state.
Cons: Long hours. CEO who's unaware that they are overly demanding.

Project Manager, Operations in Rockford:
Pros: Working with people, and the physical aspect of the job.

Project Manager, Operations in Crofton:
"Managing a Car Wash."
Pros: The identifying and diagnosing problems, problem solving and customer relations.
Cons: Stress, long hours, poor communication among management.