Property Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Minot:
"Be a self starter."
Be self sufficient and be prepared to do it all on your own or do not even apply for a Property Manager job.

Property Manager in Honolulu:
Pros: Work flexibility, schedule,
Cons: Stress, the management, pay.

Property Manager in Redmond:
"Autonomous and Rewarding."
Pros: Being appreciated by the tenants who live in the complex I manage. Being able to schedule my own work hours. Taking care of the elderly and disabled people's needs at the apartments. Working from home at least some of the time. Ability to contract out any work needed that is above my pay grade.
Cons: The lack of pay for the level of responsibilities.

Property Manager in Arlington:
"What the average salary was for property managers in area."
Request annual review of reqirements and percentage of meeting expectations, privileges to match level of responsibilities, firm up job paid vacations, sick days, and personal days.

Property Manager in Los Angeles:
"Comfort Level."
Be able to keep our temper in check when dealing with difficult residents.

Property Manager in Romulus:
"On call."
Sleepness nights at times no appre iation glorified babysitter.

Property Manager in Whittier:
"Daily Responsibilities."
Perform your job duties daily, prioritize your work seclude, Curb appeal a must. Maintenance a plus, collect rent, serve 3 day notice, communication, good personality, be familiar with Microsoft word, Excel. Work with vendors and always be a team player.