Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Binghamton:
Pros: My tenants.
Cons: My supervisor and pay rate.

Property Manager in Kure Beach:
Pros: Some cleanings are so easy. They have to put $1,000 deposit 30 days before their arrival day.(Helps so they do try to not break anything)
Cons: Must be able to work any day, Must buy own supplies (Which is well over the $12.50 a week for cleaning supplies)Must be able to have the condo ready before it's rented that same day. Job may be easy or bad don't know till check out.

Property Manager in Los Angeles:
"Property Management Can Be Great With The Right Company."
Pros: Working with the tenants over a long period of time, the apartment building becomes almost family like. Starting with leasing, people are usually excited about moving to a new place, although moving itself is stressful, generally the first step is very pleasant. After the tenants move in, it's nice getting to know them, usually and pretty much a pleasant experience. After the tenants have lived there for a while, you become very familiar, you bond with your tenants. When the tenants move out, it is usually if they get another job, or relocate to another school, or purchase a home, so they usually leave on good terms and they are excited for the future!
Cons: If you have more than one vacancy at any given time, you could very well lose your job. Sometimes a client will apply for an apartment, and you think it will be a perfect fit, a great addition to the building, and their application is declined. Eventually you will get a crazy tenant with mental health, or drug issues, and that is always horrible. Sometimes tenants you really care about will lose the job or have some sort of calamity and you'll have to evict them, not fun at all. There is an extremely high amount of paperwork in this job, so much so, I believe that we are the only industry that still uses fax machines on a daily basis. If you are hired by the wrong company, you will be under paid, and your tenants will be cheated.