Purchasing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Purchasing Manager?

Purchasing Manager in Quakertown:
"It is challenging."
Pros: Flexibility, leadership, experience.
Cons: Stress, long hours, over worked, no overtime.

Purchasing Manager in Plymouth:
"The Managment."
Pros: I love having the freedom to make important decisions on the company's behalf.
Cons: The corporate culture needs to change. Too many people with entitlement issues. What ok for some, is not ok for others...

Purchasing Manager in Farmington:
"Good working conditions, people and job duties."
Pros: Working with people and helping get things done so the County can function as it should. Many things to do so it stays interesting.
Cons: Paperwork.

Purchasing Manager in Chicago:
Pros: Constant challenges, liaison with Accounts Payable, process improvement, system upgrades, people interaction.
Cons: Politics.

Purchasing Manager in Charlotte:
Pay attention to the small details.

Purchasing Manager in San Diego:
"Goal oriented, interpersonal skills,"
Be open to suggestion, listen to your employees, be lenient and understanding while giving constructive ideas.

Purchasing Manager in Elgin:
Must be able to multi-task at a high rate of speed, and be able to change gears at a moments notice.