Purchasing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Purchasing Manager?

Purchasing Manager in Naples:
"Sunshine and Warmth."
Pros: Naples has a lot to offer with jobs and homesteads. There are a lot of parks and not to mention the beach.

Purchasing Manager in Indianapolis:
Pros: Small town feel, big companies.

Purchasing Manager in Beaumont:
"The lack of organization."
Be prepared for little responsability

Purchasing Manager in Denver:
"There is no such thing as a "design emergency""
Things will go wrong and people will get mad, but in the end it always works itself out.

Purchasing Manager in New York:
"NYC is Stable Work-Living Wage= Long Commute."
Pros: The amount of opportunities are various.
Cons: The commute is hell during rush hour no matter what or where you live within the city.

Purchasing Manager in Dallas:
"Dallas Life."
Pros: The cost of living is reasonable.
Cons: The traffic is terrible. Add 30 minutes to account for it.

Purchasing Manager in Houston:
"Great city with Exiting times ahead."
Pros: Business Diversity. Growing Demand and population. Friendly people. Close to port of houston. Cost of living is good. Cultured and also 4 th biggest city in the US.
Cons: Traffic.