Quality Assurance Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Assurance Analyst?

Quality Assurance Analyst in Los Angeles:
"Working for Trailer Park is a mixed bag."
Pros: My direct boss is great -- they advocate for us whenever they can. Lots of learning opportunities -- I've built my skill set quite a bit here, and it's been a rewarding experience. Great coworkers who are supportive. Most of the people I've met/known here have been fairly nice and welcoming.
Cons: Pay is not competitive -- HR admits they only pay about 80% of market rate. Since merging with Deep Focus, it's been a pain keeping up how things need to be done. Lack of leadership from upper management -- it's hard to tell what they would like in the future. The area where they're located is terrible -- Homeless, tourists, and people hustling you to give them money for something or other is a common occurrence. Business development leaves to be a bit desired -- we're frequently losing business for one reason or another. Which makes it frustrating for other departments who are reliant on them for getting work.

Quality Assurance Analyst in Nashville:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Being a QA Analyst at my company opens many opportunities for growth. We have the option to branch out into more of the business side of things such as Project Management or if we want to go the other direction, development.
Cons: Sometimes it feels like Quality Assurance is not viewed as important or necessary, however without this department there would be a lot of issues overlooked.

Quality Assurance Analyst in San Antonio:
Pros: I work on many different things and analyze data.
Cons: Not my desired carrer track.