Quality Assurance Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Assurance Analyst?

Quality Assurance Analyst:
Benefits are great, management has improved over the years. Pay is a bit behind the average, but some of the benefits help with that problem. Some departments feel like they are still in high school, overall though a lot of good people work here. Sadly the Co. Is very flat not much room for advancement. Make sure you negotiate your salary when you are hired as yearly raises barley keep up with inflation. Sadly the longer you work here the less you will make as new hires come in at or above the current employees, some with the experience to support the pay difference and some without.

Quality Assurance Analyst in Houston:
"Houston is a place to grow."
Pros: The options
Cons: The commute and traffic are horrible on a daily basis

Quality Assurance Analyst in Redwood City:
Pros: Not totally sure yet
Cons: Some parts a little sketchy

Quality Assurance Analyst in Albuquerque:
"QA Analyst."
Pros: Coaching agents to become successful.
Cons: Stressful environment because too many tasks to complete and deadlines.

Quality Assurance Analyst in Falmouth:
"Job is what you make it."
The job is what you make it. Seek out projects and responsibilities and you will go far at this company.

Quality Assurance Analyst in Houston:
"Non diversified in black management."
Ensure you have the educational background and certifications in ASQ and other 6 sigma training.

Quality Assurance Analyst in Pittsburgh:
"Learn how to priotize."
Learn how to measure, listen and priorotize.