Quality Assurance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Assurance Manager?

Quality Assurance Manager in Mountain Top:
"Stressful, agrivating, no direction or mis direction."
Pros: Own office. The job opportunity to be a manager.
Cons: The drive. The people curse and talk about each other behind their backs. The people function like the old company and do not want to change making everything you try to improve a struggle.

Quality Assurance Manager in Santa Fe Springs:
"Commute is becoming a problem."
Pros: Level of stress is moderate.
Cons: Lack of support for the quality department.

Quality Assurance Manager in Greensboror:
Pros: The community is friendly, cost of living is acceptable area is comfortable.
Cons: The distance from home is extreme.

Quality Assurance Manager in Osceola:
Stay out of Quality....everyone will hate you just for doing your job.

Quality Assurance Manager in Somerset:
"Important QA/Compliance Daily Know-How."
Listen to those who perform the actual work on manufacturing or in the labs. Be able to be cross-functional with other disciplines. Work with each other. Knowledge is power but you must learn to share your knowledge and ask questions of others. SOPs need information from the people who actually perform that task in order to have the sop written correctly. Learn different software programs like Trackwise, Excel, NextDocs, etc.

Quality Assurance Manager in Muncie:
"Average salary QA Manager."
Quality systems require to have a high knowledege on problem analysis, besides the interpretation of the quality systems.

Quality Assurance Manager in India:
"Quality Professional."
Learn Six Sigma, certify as a ISO lead Auditor.