Quality Assurance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Assurance Manager?

Quality Assurance Manager in Chicago, Illinois:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Diversity and Inclusion.
Cons: Salary compared to men.

Quality Assurance Manager:
Salary is the biggest issue. We have been told for years that "a salary review across the board is in progress", yet nothing ever happens. The benefits are good...medical, 401k, etc. But the salary for some labor categories are very much below the area average for similar categories at other companies.

Quality Assurance Manager in Woods Cross, Utah:
"Is positive and a great growing place to work."
Pros: Ease to get from home to work, lots of great restaurants
Cons: working close to refineries due to air pollution

Quality Assurance Manager in San Bernardino:
Pros: Distance from hone
Cons: Lack of opportunity

Quality Assurance Manager in Johannesburg:
"How to assess IT Development processes."
Do CMMI courses

Quality Assurance Manager in Birmingham:
"I am flexibile for relocation purposes."
Pros: I was born in Birmingham, so it is my home. I would like to return to my home state because I feel I have important skills to offer.
Cons: Job market needs improvement.

Quality Assurance Manager in Montreal Lasalle:
"Passionate professional."
Pros: Nice city. Great team to work with.
Cons: Intense deadline. Quick moving environment.