Quality Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Quality Manager?

Quality Manager in Pensacola:
"How to manage your Quality Management position."
Practice project/task management daily. Learn as much as possible through reading the regulations that are applicable to your company. Don't let the seriousness of your job kill your personality! Make it fun and show others that it can be easy to handle.

Quality Manager in Akron:
"Everyone says they want quality."
Companies often don't mean what they say about quality being the most important aspect. Most often they care about "visible" quality and will ignore everything the customer can't see.

Quality Manager in Harris:
"Quality Manager."
Get your Bachelors Degree.

Quality Manager in Anniston:
"Great career."
Pros: I like that I have a great deal of freedom in choosing my own hours, so long as work is completed and they make sense. I have a voice that is heard by my direct superior, which.
Cons: Great deal of responsibility falls completely on my shoulders with nobody working in my department. It is a small company I work for (this location) so there are many duties that fall outside of quality that I am responsible for.

Quality Manager in Russellville:
You have to live it if you want to be successful. Have an open mind and a positive outlook. Be prepared a willing to learn.

Quality Manager in Cypress:
"Manage quality system for medical device manufacturer."
Manage quality system for medical device manufacturer.

Quality Manager in Alexander City:
Pros: I enjoy the challenge of the high demand.
Cons: No support and waiting to the last minute to prepare.