Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Receptionist?

Receptionist in Hartford:
Pros: Helping people answering phones making appt.
Cons: When patients curse you out.

Receptionist in San Leandro:
"I love iy."
Pros: Answering phones, scheduling.
Cons: Sitting all day.

Receptionist in Bakersfield:
"Working as a receptionist is great!"
Pros: I enjoy talking & interacting with people. Helping them in anyway I can. Hours are flexible.
Cons: Office gossip.

Receptionist in Dallas:
"Receptionist Work."
Pros: Organizing the office and keeping busy multitasking both in the office and hands on in the field.
Cons: Your co-workers don't really appreciate all you do and take you for granted. The multitasking can become stressful and overwhelming.

Receptionist in Fullerton:
"More like an administrative assistants work."
Pros: I don't have someone micromanaging me. I know what I need to do and I get it done. I work independently and at my own fast pace.
Cons: I don't have any kind of relationship with my boss. In the three years that I've worked here I don't think she's ever asked me how my day was going or how school was going. I feel extremely unappreciated considering that I process and track an average of 75-100 orders on a monthly basis. I'm essentially a purchasing agent as well as a receptionist.

Receptionist in San Marcos:
Pros: Getting to talk to customers on a daily basis and helping them.
Cons: Somedays it is really slow and there isn't much to do.

Receptionist in Waterville:
"Office conditions."
Pros: Marketing, critical problem solving.
Cons: Pay, location.