Recruiter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Recruiter?

Recruiter in Redwood City:
"Great perks and culture."
Pros: I love the people and the mission. It's a great place to work!
Cons: I wish I had more face time with my manager.

Recruiter in Denver:
Pros: I truly enjoy finding the best possible candidate for each position I am assigned.
Cons: I don't suppose there is anything that I particularly dislike.

Recruiter in San Francisco:
"I love it."
Pros: Meet new people, learn what companies are doing.
Cons: Only so much you can control, if a company pays poorly, it is hard to compete.

Recruiter in Dallas:
Pros: Its a hands on environment, we helped employees find jobs where they enjoyed working as well as felt comfortable in a work place.

Recruiter in New Brighton:
Cons: No benefits, no pto, inconsistent hours.

Recruiter in Laredo:
"Stress level is so bad."
Pros: If I get good amount of drivers I get a good bonus.
Cons: Hate having a quota.

Recruiter in Bellevue:
"Stressful but worth it."
Pros: Making clients happy and getting associates the best job possisble.
Cons: Client expectation is next day fills for openings and that is not possible if they want qualified candidates.