Recruiter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Recruiter?

Recruiter in Portland:
"Great Job and Great Place."
Pros: Talking to new candidates everyday. Placing people in jobs they want.
Cons: Not being able to work from home more and no benefits.

Recruiter in Manchester:
"It's not for everyone."
Pros: I like the fact that I help people, and I can wear whatever I want in the office.
Cons: I don't believe that I'm cut out for the industry itself. There's obviously a lot of pressure, and the metrics-driven culture is one that I didn't really consider before I took the job.

Recruiter in Miami:
Pros: Its different every day, meeting new people.
Cons: Possibility of failing my goals, not meeting my quotas.

Recruiter in Rochester:
Pros: Nice place to work and play. Good restruarants.
Cons: Can get cold in the winters, road conditions can be bad.

Recruiter in Chicago:
Pros: I like the excitement, the fast paced enviroment and the joy I hear from candidates when they are contacted or even offered the position.
Cons: Nothing.

Recruiter in Baltimore:
Pros: Flexible work from home days, 9 paid sick days, casual environment, great company culture.
Cons: Lack of room for growth or professional development.

Recruiter in Atlanta:
"So far good!"
Pros: Not micro-managed, casual and good work life balance.
Cons: Benefits and lazy team members.