Recruiter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Recruiter?

Recruiter in Salisbury:
"High highs, low lows."
Pros: I enjoy working with my coworkers and giving people an opportunity to work.
Cons: People can let you down at times, you have get up and move on.

Recruiter in Santa Monica:
Pros: Close to the beach
Cons: Traffic

Recruiter in Woodbury:
"It could use more scenery where we’re located."
Pros: Convenience
Cons: Amazon warehouse was recently built next door to the office

Total chaos, lack of support and no sign of professionalism at any level. No matter who you speak to about an issue they are all do overwhelmed that they cannot adequately assist you. Those who know how to assist will not due to selfish motives. Run Forest Run!

You will work long hours and paid lower than your competitors. They are the type of company to stress “family” so you’ll work more. The benefits are okay. Management is oblivious and slightly discriminatory. If you are a minority of any sort this environment will be draining.

Recruiter in Johnson City:
"Working from Home is Great."
Pros: Johnson City is very economical, low cost of living and very little traffic.
Cons: Johnson City does not have a lot of opportunities above more than about $12/hr unless extremely specialized.

Recruiter in St. Louis:
"Great opportunities if motivated!"
Pros: The different people.
Cons: Lack of support.