Recruiter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Recruiter?

Recruiter in Pensacola:
"It's a great community, but there's a low pay ceiling."
Pros: Community, network, beach life, rural areas, nature
Cons: The low cost of labor and lack of technical skillset to drive more employers to invest in corporate development

Recruiter in Everett:
Pros: Reverse commute
Cons: Lower payscales compared to Seattle or Bellevue

Recruiter in Portland:
Pros: Food, people, ideas for entrepreneurs.
Cons: Commute is awful. Better to work remotely and cowork from time to time.

Recruiter in Atlanta:
"Don’t work here."
None! Benefits are over priced that’s why I don’t have any.

Recruiter in Washington:
"Am I paid market rate."
Pros: I like working in Washington, DC our nations capital.
Cons: Commutte.

Recruiter in Springfield:
"Not too big. Lots to Do. City Culture."
Pros: Decent commute from the small town I live in about 40 minutes away. Decent amount of opportunity. Good shopping and restaurants.
Cons: Opportunities are limited to State government, hospitals, and healthcare. Not a lot of private enterprise with opportunities in HR.

Recruiter in St. Louis:
"Great area to raise a family."
Pros: People.
Cons: Hot weather.