Regional Sales Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Regional Sales Manager?

Regional Sales Manager in Boston:
"Highly competitive, fast paced, stress."
Pros: Customers.
Cons: Compensation.

Regional Sales Manager in Cincinnati:
"Sales trends are out of one's control."
Prepare for a marathon, not a race.

Regional Sales Manager in Denver:
"In-job training not as helpful as actual time in job."
The first year is hard but you must persevere, work hard and know that a great work ethic, openness to learn and building relationships will create sales, which will allow you to attract recognition. If you don't attract recognition, name it and don't downplay it. Sales is hard, but 1 year in makes a huge difference on your success.

Regional Sales Manager in Seattle:
"Fun culture, low on pay and benefits."
Pros: Fast growing company that definitely has a niche in the sports and hydration world. Company is not lacking for potential.
Cons: Despite incredible growth; new opportunities and benefits are not increasing. The current employees are simply stretched further with out additional resources. Company is image driven and doesn't try to meet the needs of the sales team.

Regional Sales Manager in Birmingham:
Surround your self with good people.

Regional Sales Manager in Seattle:
"Give it time."
Take your time to establish relationships in your industry. Keep your reputation spotless.

Regional Sales Manager in Seattle:
"To be a great Sales Manger, you must do the following."
It is all about managing people and relationships! Always be quick to respond. Waiting an extra minute or hour can mean you loose the deal. Understand the customer needs before proposing a deal.