Respiratory Therapist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory Therapist in New York:
"Fast pace and pressure filled."
Pros: Working in big trends and where familiarity.
Cons: Traffic.

Respiratory Therapist in Malibu:
"Respiratory therapy can be a fulfilling job."
Pros: I love my patients and helping people.
Cons: The low pay and working night shift.

Respiratory Therapist in Rockville Centre:
Remember why you entered into this field and always keep learning.

Respiratory Therapist in Boston:
"It's treatment of hourly waged employees."
Go into nursing. Much more respect. Much more money. Work is the same kind of stress. Much better treatment from pears. Overall the profession is over rated and a little too pretentious.

Respiratory Therapist in Charleston:
"The truth."
The gods honest truth is that Healthcare has become so reimbursement driven regardless of a pt's initial health status. These md's and the hospital talk a big game about the quality of the care your loved ones get but the truth is they are truly only concerned about their bottom line.

Respiratory Therapist in Portland:
"Patience required."
Watch and learn and pay attention.

Respiratory Therapist in Madison:
"My review."
Pros: The variety, day to day challenges, my coworkers and having long stretches of days off without having to use my vacation time, get to leave early at times.
Cons: The lack of care and support from management, they low census people based on the number of ventilators, not patients, patients suffer from lack of better care, staff does not get full time hours some weeks and are often forced to work with limited time and supplies to save $