Respiratory Therapist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory Therapist:
The ABSOLUTE worst management I have ever encountered. I mean the CEO Bill Timmons. That man is truly very very scary. The craziest person I have had the displeasure of working with. How he has remained CEO is mind boggling.

Respiratory Therapist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey:
"I am working at Philadelphia."
Pros: I am working at Philadelphia
Cons: I am working at Philadelphia

Respiratory Therapist in Chicago, Illinois:
Pros: i love the city and the people
Cons: everyone wants the most qualified people but they are not willing to pay

Respiratory Therapist in Youngtown:
Pros: I love the great scenery I wake up to every morning as well as the beautiful sunsets I see in, lovely people, low living costs.
Cons: Long drive and lost of traffic.

Respiratory Therapist in Albany:
Pros: Helping others
Cons: Non compliant patients