Restaurant Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

Restaurant Assistant Manager in San Diego:
"Love the challenge."
Pros: Every day is a new challenge, and I really appreciate being on my toes. I love making people happy, food is delicious & service is great. I really enjoy that I'm on top of everything... Not that in controlling but I like to make sure everything is under control.
Cons: Unreliable employees.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Atlanta:
"All the stress for $16 an hour average."
Pros: I enjoy talking to people and the benefits. It is nice to be able to wear your hair how you like and choose your own clothes. A consistent paycheck is nice and 401k. Some of the people who work for you are nice and you can make a positive impact in their life.
Cons: It is hard to see servers work 40 hours a week and make as much money as you. You have little appreciation from upper management, long hours, inflexible schedule, constant paperwork. It is very similar to babysitting. You can counsel employees about the same things over and over again. You can write them up and short of firing them, little changes. People think everything is an emergency and 6 people will run up and say things they need from you all at the same time. It will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Guests will not understand when it is a holiday and they have to wait for a table, when they have a reservation.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Dubuque:
"Stressful Reward."
Pros: I love training and staffing the restaurant. Giving the guests a great experience is my top priority. By having high standards and going above and beyond in training, we are enhancing that experience.
Cons: The job itself is stressful and staff turnover is always an issue in restaurants.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Atlanta:
Pros: The good thing about my job it is flexible, not as many hours and it's steady.
Cons: Things that are bad at my job are upper management, some of the employees, and the way things are handled.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Redondo Beach:
"It pays just enough."
Pros: Being able to interact with people and the intensity of the job.
Cons: Don't feel fully respected by the owner and feel like I deserve more.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Greenwood Village:
Pros: Meeting comics, constantly moving, being in the comedy club enviroment.
Cons: Dealing with drunk people and sitting in an office.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Viroqua:
"Lot of work, lot of responsibility."
Pros: Getting to make co-workers lives easier and ensuring that our business is top-notch.
Cons: If things go bad, it falls on me to fix it.