Restaurant Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Dunn:
Pros: Its close to home and my elderly mother lives close by.
Cons: There are not many business in the area.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Lake Stevens:
"Stress level."
Pros: Its really fun.
Cons: Its a lot of customers at the same time.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Stillwater:
"It is very challeging at times, and rewarding other times."
Pros: I love working with the employees that I have. And our business we have a. Lot of regular customers, so it is a very welcoming place to come and eat. We are family oriented.
Cons: I dont like being undermined, and I dont like having to fight to make a positive change to the restaraunt. It is very stressful and sometimes makes me not want to work there anymore. Plus we dont get overtime we are paid Chinesse half time.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Newark:
"Fast pace."
Pros: Always something to do and keeps me busy.
Cons: My schedule.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Murfreesboro:
"Fast paced food culture."
Pros: I'm pretty new, but will update as soon as I have something.
Cons: Understaffed. High turnover rate.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Wake Forest:
"Stressful, management."
Pros: Flexible hours and vacation time.
Cons: The amount of work that I do for my job description.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Greensboro:
"Long hours."
The long hours is probably the biggest wall, but if you can get the past hours and manage to push getting things done at a timely fashion as well as gathering the right people it will greatly make the job much more relax.