Restaurant Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Denver:
"It's a job?"
Pros: The freedom
Cons: Not appreciated

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Orlando:
"Nice entry into restaurant management."
Pros: Live Mas! Just always loved Taco Bell.
Cons: High stress, but I've learned a lot and people & human psychology. My customer service skilled are finely tuned now. If you remain calm and let the customer know that you are willing to help them just as soon as they are ready to calm down and negotiate a happy compromise; most do just that.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Castle Rock:
"Far commute."
Pros: Higher pay
Cons: Commute

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Upland:
Pros: Nice area.
Cons: No comment.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Gahanna:
"JJ Gahanna."
Pros: It is an easy job. Only thing is the higher ups expect so much qithout really offering motivation.
Cons: The staff I work qith are selfish and stubborn.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Phoenix:
Pros: I'm never stuck just doing one thing. I do several jobs all day.
Cons: Guest are never happy. Servers want to argue all the time. My boss is always concerned about labor hours. I never have a full staff.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Las Vegas:
"How hard the promotion process was even with all the knowled."
Get everything they promise you in writing with specific dates and goals. Learn from the best and do things the correct way. Doing them the correct way will make you the best employee overall and make it that much easier to train any new employees.