Restaurant Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Seattle:
"Always on and always good people."
Pros: My co-workers.
Cons: Lack of communication.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Phoenix:
"Things to do."
Pros: The people are friendly. Laid back atmosphere.
Cons: Commuting and traffic. The heat in the summer.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Orange:
"Love it."
Pros: The people are respectful and know its not easy working in a restaurant.
Cons: The drive during rush hour. Takes up to 30 minutes to get to work sometimes.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Canton:
"The love of bread."
Pros: It's a good company and very fast changing to stay ahead of everyone else. I love the customers and my co managers and my staff ( well... Most)
Cons: I feel like managers are getting more and more put on their plates and don't see any reward for that.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Santa Rosa:
Be patient and keep your cool. Always have an outside perspective, respectfuly, keep 'the big picture' in mind and dont get upset over the small things. Remember your working with people not robots, they will make mistakes and its up to you to turn it into a training opportunity. Most importantly dont take your work home with you, or vice versa.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Columbia:
"Not the greatest."
Pros: Its near home and cost of living is reasonable.
Cons: Payscale low not enough opportunities for professional growth.

Restaurant Assistant Manager in Irving:
"Pizza Pizza."
Pros: It was slow, and not too bad. I liked the people that I worked with.
Cons: The boss, the long hours, small pay, no benefits.