Retail Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Sales Associate?

Retail Sales Associate in Dearborn:
"God bad ugly."
Pros: I get to meet people from all over the world.
Cons: The customers are really cheap and they complain a great deal. The commute. Mall location. Food options.

Retail Sales Associate in Knoxville:
Pros: I have not worked long enough to give a good answer.
Cons: A lot of people are trashy and rude.

Retail Sales Associate in St. Louis Park:
"Micro Center: The Retail Store that can't do Retail."
Pros: Selling expensive items to customers who are engaged, interested, and excited about the product.
Cons: Dealing with some of the worst people imaginable -- homeless, non-English speakers, smelly people, and most commonly, unapologetically ignorant people.

Retail Sales Associate in Grand Junction:
"Amazing town!"
Pros: Small town but big enough to constantly make sales!
Cons: Small enough where you you will see someone again around town.

Retail Sales Associate in Ramsey:
"Its a job."
Pros: It is something you do when expectations are low and life is dull.
Cons: You have no job description, you can be given any responsibility at any time.

Retail Sales Associate in Pekin:
"Get your college degree."
Retail is pretty flexible with the schedule if your in school. Without a degree sales associate can be a dead end job, with a degree you can move on up to be store mgr, regional mgr etc.

Retail Sales Associate in Bossier City:
"Flexibility in my work schedule."
Pros: The other employees are pleasant to work with.
Cons: It can get boring.