Retail Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Sales Associate?

Retail Sales Associate in Santa Maria:
"I love both living and working in Santa Maria."
Pros: Its a growing community with still the small town atmosphere. My friends, my parish community and doctors mostly life here.
Cons: I would say nothing, but you requested a minimum of 32 characters.

Retail Sales Associate in Kailua-Kona:
Pros: Work environment, co workers.
Cons: Retail is not well represented by corporate.

Retail Sales Associate in Liberty:
"Experience in Liberty."
Pros: Close to home, Friends all live there, very cheap cost of living, good variety of close food and entertainment spots, enjoyable sports atmosphere.
Cons: Mostly White, Lots of Old people,

Retail Sales Associate in Greensburg:
"Great management.."
Part time benifits woud be helpfull,

Retail Sales Associate in Wayland:
"My job."
Pros: Country Landscape and Charming historical architecture.
Cons: Lack of whole foods type market or place to get healthy lunch.

Retail Sales Associate in Roseville:
"Good money, bad company."
Dealing with customers is a drag. Dealing with a greedy employer is even worse. If you have sales experience make sure you are putting it to good use within a good company.

Retail Sales Associate in Turlock:
"The best retail job I've had so far!"
Pros: Lots of different walks of life live in Turlock, so there are always great customers to interact with and assist. It's also a "college town" where the university is just down the street from where I work. The sales and busy-ness of the store are dictated by the education seasons.
Cons: Only that my commute could be better. I ride a bike and although the roads are becoming more cycle-friendly, the horrible parking lots where all of these shopping centers are are NOT bike or pedestrian-friendly.