Retail Store Assistant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Assistant Manager?

Retail Store Assistant Manager in New York:
"Great company to grow with."
Pros: As a company they are forever evolving and changing and adapting to change never settling for just anything. Respect integrity compassion are the staples of the company.
Cons: Sometimes we are given a lot all at one time.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in New Bedford:
Pros: Interacting with flexibility.perks.
Cons: The stress level.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Sauk Centre:
"Value of My Skills."
Pros: There is always something to do and a variety of changes going on to stay busy and not bored. Fun friendly atmosphere. The opportunity to use some creativity. To help make customers feel good. Leading a team and having fun together. Hours are decent. Being somewhat in charge and making crucial quick decisions.
Cons: Being micro-managed. Not utilizing my creative abilities more often. Working weekends. Not enough communication from store manager. No PTO or paid vacations. No Benefits. Very little opportunity to move up in company.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Wilmington:
"My job."
Pros: The culture and the people I work with.
Cons: Quality of life and fairness when doing schedules.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Marion:
Pros: People you come in contact with and driving time to work.
Cons: Under staffed under payed over worked and working entire shifts alone which makes the job dangerous.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Beatrice:
"My insight."
Pros: The diverse customers and associates that work for me. Also not knowing what the expect from day to day hour to hour. I also enjoy the impromptu complaints and having to think on my toes at all times to get bestbresults.
Cons: The company as a whole is understaffed. Also the amount of hours required for my position. I also feel the compensation should be higher for the work and hours required.

Retail Store Assistant Manager in Huntsville:
Don't do it, if you can't retire after 20yrs.