Safety Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Coordinator?

Safety Coordinator in Peru:
Pros: Fast paced and ever changing requirements to keep employees safe and show that safety is a partnership with them rather than something forced on them. Extremely rewarding to see the days without incidents climb as more people report safety issues that would not have been reported a year ago.
Cons: Most employees seem to see safety as something that is forced on them and this is not a position in which it is easy to maintain friendships with production employees who seem to go against the status quo and feel that safety is not a requirement. Learning to walk the line between friendly safety coordinator and stern enforcer of safety rules can be difficult.

Safety Coordinator in Bettendorf:
Pros: Training employees how to work safe on the job.
Cons: Management sets a bad example regarding safety and does not back my role as safety coordinator.

Safety Coordinator in Baton Rouge:
"It's just OK."
Pros: I like working with details and program tools that give structure in my work environment. This job offers a bit of that structure. I like things I do in my job which include organizing, working in a few spreadsheets, giving group safety trainings, and working in third party auditing programs like ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS), BROWZ, and others.
Cons: I'm not crazy about the overall philosophy of safety. As a safety coordinator, I'm supposed to set an example of safety standards to others, yet there's rules that even make me cringe at having to follow, and I'm quite a cautious and safe-minded person. I go further than the average person to ensure safety, yet there are still ways that I think the general work industry is over-regulated. I'm an advocate of safety but also an advocate of freedom, and too much regulation can be overbearing, and I believe people resent safety because of that. Then, I'm supposed to try to convince those people as a trainer/consultant to have a good attitude about safety, something most people have little appreciation for. The hardest thing about safety is not teaching facts or doing the manual work; the hardest thing in safety is changing MINDSETS, and encouraging better attitudes and behavior. It's hard to do that not only for people who don't appreciate safety regulations, but also for me individually.

Safety Coordinator in Victoria:
"OSHA Certified Safety Director."
Pros: Making sure all employees are safe, and able to go home at the end of the day... The same way they came to work... Intact.
Cons: Some micro-management from some supervisors that are not trained or schooled in safety.

Safety Coordinator in Tulsa:
"Office and manufacturing environments, managing people."
Pros: I'm constantly challenged and improving my skills, frequently taken out of my comfort zones and learning from those experiences.
Cons: Public speaking, but I'm adapting to it.

Safety Coordinator in South Windsor:
Pros: Great team enviroment, variety of tasks, benefits, scheduel.
Cons: Few personality conflict/differences.

Safety Coordinator in Williamsburg:
Educational courses needed to continue in the field.