Safety Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Coordinator?

Safety Coordinator in Warren:
"Stress Level, education, flexibility."
Pros: Culture, flexability, travel.
Cons: None.

Safety Coordinator in Oakdale:
Pros: Flexibility, educational, important.
Cons: Stressful, defeating.

Safety Coordinator in San Antonio:
"Am I getting my Degrees worth."
Pros: Keeping people safe.
Cons: Getting people to understand to work in a safe manner.

Safety Coordinator in Amasa:
"That human error will never be out of the safety factor."
This is a tough job that involves a juggling act. Managers need to walk the talk or your efforts will fail no matter how hard you try. It can be rewarding in the sense that you are helping others.

Safety Coordinator in Louisville:
"Great city with numerous opportunities!"
Pros: I love the variety of companies that you have to choose from. There are multiple employers hiring every day. Anyone can find a job if you look hard enough.
Cons: Commute time is a little long.

Safety Coordinator in New York:
"Safety coordinator experience."
Pros: Making workers around me more conscious of safety concern at job site.
Cons: Some people pretend to not speak english.

Safety Coordinator in Chattanooga:
"Safety compliance."
Sale employees on the importance of safety. We are in charge of everyones safety. Safety does not over excide production. Be your brothers keep watch out for one another. Report safety incidents and unsafe behaviors immediantly.