Safety Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Coordinator?

Safety Coordinator in Sanford:
"Far from home."
Pros: Independence
Cons: Distance from home

Safety Coordinator in Greensboro:
"Its good."
Pros: The city
Cons: Distance from family

Safety Coordinator in Maryville:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: See people I know

Safety Coordinator in Manassas:
"Work in the Middle of everything!"
Pros: Close to many things
Cons: Traffic

Safety Coordinator in Flint:
"Close to home only benefit."
Pros: Close to home only
Cons: Pay is low

Safety Coordinator in Lafayette:
"Advancement opportunities."
Aim early to get your CSP certification. Start studying for it when you start your job.

Safety Coordinator in Salt Lake City:
"Working in Salt Lake City is a mixed bag of goods and bads."
Pros: The cost of living in Salt Lake City is very reasonable as long as you are not on the east side of the valley or downtown area. Gas and food prices are very affordable basically everywhere in the state and the tap water is some of the best in the country. The ski resorts are arguably the best in the world if you can afford a pass and in the summer we have all the recreational activities you can dream of. Breathtaking canyons are minutes away from basically anywhere in the state(except the salt flats) and are great for cruising on your motorcycle. Many amazing world class national parks such as Zion, Moab, Canyonlands, Bryce, Goblin Valley and many more are just a few hours away by car. Salt Lake's most dangerous neighborhoods are very friendly compared to other cities bad neighborhoods.
Cons: Bangerter Highway, the most idiotic highway in the nation. It takes me 30 minutes to drive 7 miles on this highway and because of where I live there are no other options for my daily commute. I-15 is a parking lot from 6-11AM and 4:30-7PM. It is the only north-south interstate in the valley and becomes gridlocked especially at the Point of the Mountain. Salt Lake has an extremely competitive job market due to the 2 major universities and the exploding population in the Salt Lake valley. If you do not have a degree then good luck to you as most companies are requiring a minimum of a bachelors degree. Nurse's wages are laughably low due to the surplus of parent financed medical students.The restaurants in Salt Lake are hilariously bad. Every restaurant is either a mediocre national chain or a lackluster mom and pop operation. Good original restaurants are far and few between here. It seems that the majority of the population prefers style over substance in the restaurant department.