Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Millsboro:
"Good Company With The Exception Of Pay."
Pros: I love the fact that I get the opportunity to work in an entry level job that is in my field of study. I learn hands on about the effects that different herbs and supplements have on the body.
Cons: The hours are not flexible at all. I work exactly 40 hours a week and I am the only employee of my store besides my manager so I am unable to call out if I am sick or if there is an emergency due to the strict rule that we may not exceed 40 hours. The pay does not compare to the amount of skill, knowledge, or work I perform.

Sales Associate in Kent:
Pros: Its different every day. Its challenging. Constantly learning.
Cons: The owners are inconsistent.

Sales Associate in Plano:
Pros: Discount is really good and purses are very nice.
Cons: Standing and the pay is not good and uniform expensive.

Sales Associate in Homer Glen:
"No help from management."
Pros: It is part time.
Cons: You are on your own -- no practical training and no help from management.

Sales Associate in Buena Park:
Pros: The conviences of how close my job is.
Cons: The difficulty the manager make the enviornment to work in.

Sales Associate in Champaign:
I would have advertised differently.

Sales Associate in Fargo:
"Limited Pay."
Push to shape the company in the way you want it to go.