Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in New Ulm:
Pros: It is interesting can be challenging good people to work with.
Cons: Negative atmosphere the way things are manged and handled the lack of appreciation.

Sales Associate in London:
Pros: Receive great discounts, love my fellow employees both servers and my fellow cashier/retail people.
Cons: The restaurant managers are all horrible, except the newest one. He is the only one who will answer you over the radio when you need help and rushes to help you. The other managers just ignore you and don't bother to answer you. And if you ask the same thing more than once they get hateful with you. Extremely stressful since there is only one person on the retail floor for every shift. Can't leave the floor to clean the bathroom or get an item from the stockroom unless someone else is there to watch the register and the managers won't answer you so there is no way to please the customer if your not allowed to do your job anymore.

Sales Associate in Oshkosh:
Pros: We are a family. Everyone cares so much about each other and making sure customers have an amazing experience.
Cons: Favoritism is shown by some managers to sales associates. And not all sales associates are held to the same standard and others.

Sales Associate in Evanston:
Pros: The friends you can make. And getting some knowledge of how things work at a store. The are flexible with scheduling hours.
Cons: Standing all the time never allowed to rest the legs. Only get a measly 15 minute break.

Sales Associate in Newcastle:
Pros: It pays the bills that a need to pay everyday.
Cons: Don't get paid enough that a would like to get paid.

Sales Associate in Alpharetta:
"Comcast inbound sales."
Pros: I like talking to my customers and setting their services up.
Cons: The stress of the metrics changing so much.

Sales Associate in Hammond:
Pros: I like working with good people and contributing as a team.
Cons: I dislike how there may be some very rude customers.