Sales Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Coordinator?

Sales Coordinator in Fort Myers:
"Brookdale Sales Counselor/Coordinator."
Pros: Working with people, helping families find a good home for their elder loved-ones, commission for each unit move-in.
Cons: Extremely low pay compared to the national average. Company is way too focused on profit that care for the Residents is sacrificed and the staff is over-stressed.

Sales Coordinator in Houston:
"I only know the Oil & Gas downturn."
Pros: Location, 9/80 work schedule, amount of opportunities, exposure to great networking.
Cons: Oil & Gas downturn lay-offs, fear of leaving company for better opportunity to only get laid off again if the market slows, 3 years experience still considered entry level, traffic is always bad getting into downtown, no bonuses or raises because of downturn, vacation cut because of downturn.

Sales Coordinator in Jenison:
"Sales Coordinator."
Pros: Flexible (somewhat), when needed.
Cons: Not stimulating, more administrative than brainwork, about 90% data entry, job has changed exponentially since I started 4 years ago (without my opinion in the matter).

Sales Coordinator in Seattle:
Pros: Variety, work flexibility, skill development, challenging projects.
Cons: Unexpected long projects, too much different work, management complicated, tracking performance, meetings,

Sales Coordinator in Portland:
"Face paced and requires great organization and time manageme."
Pros: Working with peers to sell and keep business. Involves ready contracts and using clients information to provide accurate quotes based on their request. Follow guidelines created to keep the company in a place to make money without over charging.
Cons: Request coming from numerous people all day and the requests are needed quickly.

Sales Coordinator in Los Angeles:
"Experience as a sales coordinator."
Pros: First of all I like working in the fresh produce industry and my most favorite part testing and tasting the produce as well as introducing it to the customer.
Cons: I sometimes have to take returns from customers that change their mind.

Sales Coordinator in Cincinnati:
"Different everyday."
Pros: Exciting career position, capitalizing off of city wide events, baseball games and football games to sell newspapers. Sal inititiatives all exciting work.
Cons: Manage/director worked for. And bad reputation of the company.