Scheduling Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Scheduling Coordinator?

Scheduling Coordinator:
I enjoy my job. Do not care for management. Poor communication. Selfish ambition from the director. No appreciation. No encouragement. No true leadership. All about bottom dollar. Not patient care. "If you don't like how it is- find another job". They want to keep staff but are losing them. My way or the high way from admissions director.

Scheduling Coordinator in Brandon:
"Not great. No perks. No raises. Critical of everything. Dram."
Pros: Location.
Cons: Drama. No recognizable gratitude.

Scheduling Coordinator in Tampa:
Pros: Small office makes staff communicatoon easier.
Cons: Poor structure ; inconsistency ; unrealistic goals and targets.

Scheduling Coordinator in Toledo:
"Scheduling coordinator."
Pros: The satisfaction of knowing clients are getting caregivers that fit skill and personality to help make their ADLs easier.
Cons: Not having 100% support from all office staff.

Scheduling Coordinator in Colorado Springs:
"Scheduleing apointments for medical procedures."
Have good customer service, good telephone skills, good communication skills, attention to derails.

Scheduling Coordinator in Glen Burnie:
"The pay."
Don't settle for this position for under 50k. This position has more job duties than any other position in the company and pays the less.