Secretary Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Secretary?

Secretary in Alden:
"Extra duties."
Be precise on duties from the start.

Secretary in Jasper:
"Love job, not enough money."
Pros: Our campus's is gtreat,
Cons: I feel the pay is too low.

Secretary in Dublin:
"I love the work. The pay and atmosphere is awful."
Pros: The job alone, is great. I love the invoicing and dealing with customers.
Cons: The atmosphere and pay rate.

Secretary in Indianapolis:
Be mentally and emotionally sure it's what you want to do. Make sure there's room for growth within the company you choose. Always be prepared and organized as you my be asked to complete a task on a short schedule. Be confident in your ability to do the job you have chosen.

Secretary in Yucaipa:
"I dont like my job because I work in hot garage."
Pros: That I'm able to help out the Spanish ladies who cant speak English.
Cons: My boss said he would get me an ac I work in a garage for the past 3 months. He said he would get an office soon but I don't like it much. I'm always having to drink water to stay dehydrated. He also hits on me frequently and makes me feel uncomterble.

Secretary in Kearney:
Pros: The customers, the paperwork, being able to bring solution to any situation.
Cons: The sales manager, the disrespect of his actions towards customers and other employees, always having to clean up the mess this person makes in customers. Very stressful environment, lack of communication from upper management, feeling of always having to defend myself.

Secretary in Roanoke:
"Life of a secretary."
Pros: I love that I have set perimeters for each day its my routine I know what to semi expect so I none the less do my job correct, my co-workers are a delight its never a dull moment with them. My boss is a great boss and is extremely understanding! I can honestly say this is the best job I have had yet!
Cons: The fact that I only make 11.50 and would like to make 16.99 that's the only con I have thus far.