Secretary Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Secretary?

Secretary in Gulfport:
"Nice places to eat lunch and meet new people."
Pros: I like being in a central location and near hospitals, major grocery stores and restaurants if I need them.
Cons: The worst part is the traffic and having to drive so far from home every day.

Secretary in Moulton:
Pros: It is home. It is a short drive to work.
Cons: Dealing with tenants that are sometimes not to happy.

Secretary in Detroit:
"Seek higher learning."
Make sure this is the type of job you really want. Learn how to cope with the public. Customer service, time management skills and confidentiality is very important. Seek out training offered to increase skill set and knowledge of job(s). Set career goals for position. Forge ahead.

Secretary in Virginia Beach:
"A little bit of everything."
Pros: The pace.

Secretary in Dallas:
"Day by Day."
Pros: Dallas is my Home.
Cons: Some things never change, bad traffic, whether unpredictable, and very dangerous. And cost of living getting higher.

Secretary in Bristol:
"My favorite Job."
Pros: I love the people I work with and for. We are like family we all get along really well. There are like my second family.
Cons: All the Traffic I hace to deal to get to work and all the traffic I hacr to deal with on my way home.

Secretary in Angola:
"Cost of living."
Pros: Local people and working with community.
Cons: Pay rates are low and it's hard to find a good company.