Secretary Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Secretary?

Secretary in Cedar Bluff:
Pros: Monday thru Friday job
Cons: Everything changes from one minute to the next. People throw their work off on other people

Secretary in Blackwood:
Pros: It is close to home and I enjoy secretarial work.
Cons: New girl in office related to office manager hired little over a year ago. She took over some of the jobs I used to do and is not as accurate nor as neat as I was, but no one seems to mind. Plus, after just a year with the company, she now makes $2/hr more than I do. I haven't had a raise in over 6 years. I collect Social Security and my boss seems to think that's "a raise" in itself.

Secretary in Norfolk:
"Local company."
Pros: its my home
Cons: traffic

Secretary in San Benito:
"Close to home and my kids schools."
Pros: It's close to my home and my kids school.
Cons: N/a.

Secretary in Gibbon:
"Low stress, friendly people, good location, flexibility."
Pros: Low stress & flexibility
Cons: Nothing

Secretary in Delphos:
"Cost of living, flexibility."
Pros: Delphos is a friendly town where everyone knows each other and helps each other out when needed.
Cons: Sometimes you may personally know a patients that come in.

Secretary in Saint Helena:
"Hope all offices do not run this way."
Pros: The days when it feels like I know what my job is.
Cons: Not knowing what my job is and having employers that have more excuses than results.