Security Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Security Supervisor?

Security Supervisor in Dayton:
"School visits, Support of School Administration."
Know and understand the Security Recourse officer Contract and District policies.

Security Supervisor in Bagdad and Doha:
"Implementation of security policies and procedures."
Pros: Keeping me being flexeable and adjustable in any situation one can meet in a life time. Keeping me with confidence and capability for any challenge one can meet in his life time. Mentaining personal skills and professionalism at all time.
Cons: When there is no a sense of motivations in a company to its employees. For example; when promotions are limited, therefore moral within the employees must be limited or no moral at all. When the employer is more less concerned or don't Care to the employees day by day affairs.

Security Supervisor in Austin:
Pros: Being Independent, work flexibilty.
Cons: Hours.

Security Supervisor in Anchorage:
"Oversee security operations for a large corporation."
Stay vigilant and learn the security systems. Ensure the safety of all in the building. Make good recommendations for changes as they come up.

Security Supervisor in Mineola:
"Seriously rewarding."
Pros: Exercising Knowledge, Skills and Abilities gathered in School, Life, and other jobs in conjunction with new skills to complete tasks and meet goals according to mission and vision of enterprise.
Cons: Bureaucracy and lack of loyalty.

Security Supervisor in Wichita:
"Non time."
Pros: I enjoy working with the public to critically think through problems in the community.
Cons: I don't like the policies of the retail stores I assist in combating crime.

Security Supervisor in Lawrence:
Pros: I love everything about this job.
Cons: Sacrifice free time on occassion.