Security Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Security Supervisor?

Security Supervisor in West Palm Beach:
"Security Field."
Get to know your staff's strong points and weakness; makes it easier to post positions and assign duties. Don't ask you staff to DO something YOU would NOT be willing to do. Remember, as a Supervisor you ARE RESPONSIBLE for covering shift. In the event a staff member does not show until a replacement arrives on post. Treat your staff fairly and they will work better as a TEAM.

Security Supervisor in Kansas City:
"Its fine."
Pros: Consistent schedule, decent benefits, pleasant work environment.
Cons: Poor leadership, inadequate compensation / wages.

Security Supervisor in Sulphur:
"Things to do, Culture, cost of living,"

Security Supervisor in Lebanon:
Pros: Lebanon is a beautiful place to live with a great salary.
Cons: Honestly I am blessed to work in Lebanon and there really is nothing bad.

Security Supervisor in BAHRAIN:
"No compromise."
Honestly with job and dutiful alert.

Security Supervisor in Bolingbrook:
Pros: I get raises and opportunities for promotion.
Cons: The work is very boring. The client is never happy.

Security Supervisor in Fairfax:
"Nice to work with people to solve problems."
Pros: Working with people to solve problems.
Cons: People who do not take their work seriously when it comes to providing security.