Security Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Supervisor?

Security Supervisor in Houston, Texas:
"Heavy traffic but good opportunity."
Pros: Flow of traffic during rush hour is alt better than most big cities.
Cons: Traffic back at anytime of the day.

Security Supervisor in Muscatine, Iowa:
"Its ok."
Pros: The client site
Cons: The pay

Security Supervisor in Huntington, Indiana:
"Average employee base."
Pros: Close to home and family
Cons: Not many opportunities for growth

Security Supervisor in Tampa, Florida:
"Tampa Has It All."
Pros: Things are improving in the area since I moved her 16 years ago. There are more businesses, road improvement, transportation and a lot more jobs. Wages could be a lot better.
Cons: Traffic is heavy, housing is very high.

Security Supervisor in Albuquerque:
Get to know your people. The people you supervise are the lifeblood of the department and you should serve them.