Senior Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Accountant?

Senior Accountant in Austin:
"Excellent firm focusing on a niche area."
Pros: Challenging work, flexible hours, great company culture, job security, decent pay.
Cons: Being too focused on a niche area leaves little room for variety in work.

Senior Accountant in Manchester:
Pros: I enjoy my job but I would like room to learn more and have the opportunity to grow.
Cons: There is no room for growth.

Senior Accountant in Fort Worth:
"General ledger."
Pros: Annalysis, working in teams, travel.
Cons: High stress level. Late nights.

Senior Accountant in Minneapolis:
Pros: Experience like none other. Ability to try new things. Head up projects. Flexible work schedule. Travel.
Cons: Stress. Long Hours. Working 1-2 weekends a month. Not enough pay.