Senior Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Accountant?

Senior Accountant in San Marcos:
"CPA Firm."
Pros: Work flexibility and family culture.
Cons: Long hours during busy season, no matching 401K.

Senior Accountant in Los Angeles:
"Work smart."
Updatation of current taxation and current laws and current affairs mandatory to wishes.

Senior Accountant in Denver:
Pros: Mathematically oriented & problem solving.
Cons: Repetitive Nature & super niche taskd.

Senior Accountant in Renton:
"Very interesting."
Pros: Lots of different responsibilities. Never get bored since I have so many things to do.
Cons: Work very hard for what feels like not enough pay.

Senior Accountant in Denver:
Negotiate your salary, accounting is necessary for a business and even though it is overhead it should not be overlooked as an important function of any company.

Senior Accountant in Fairfax:
"Overworked, long hours, short fuse manager."
Pros: Casual dress environment and complimentary snacks.
Cons: There are two types of individuals pervasive in the organization. Those that "play dumb" and manage to stay employed and those that cover for them.

Senior Accountant in Austin:
"Know your worth."
Know what you are worth to your org and remember to highlight your value to the organization. In accounting adding value is harder to see because direct impact is harder. But you are very influential to your organization and your value is seen in the bottom line, it shoud be reciprocated to your value to the company.