Senior Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Financial Analyst?

Senior Financial Analyst in Hauppauge:
"Concerned with a hint of optimism."
Pros: Rapid changing environment for bank relations. Involved in treasury and forecasting with CFO. Many days difficult work but some laid back.
Cons: Direction of corporate interests. My personal future with company could be concern.

Senior Financial Analyst in Hagerstown:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Work flexibility, variety, no micro-managing.
Cons: Budget constraints, constant changes to analysis.

Senior Financial Analyst in Lowell:
"Working at Enterprise Bank."
Pros: Work flexibility, variety of challenging work, work closely with investment portfolio managers, great benefits.
Cons: Executive team struggling to lose "old-school" culture, stress level at quarter ends.

Senior Financial Analyst in New York:
Pros: There are countless opportunities to learn something new, whether it's a project or a new role. Role change is strongly encouraged and supported every 18-24 months.
Cons: I do not like daily reporting as it becomes too routine and boring. There are always daily deadlines to meet, leaving very little time for reviewing and understanding the task at hand.

Senior Financial Analyst in Atlanta:
"Fine, typical big company."
Pros: Good experience, wide bredth within market.
Cons: Older workforce, crowded middle management, high stress at times.

Senior Financial Analyst in Houston:
"Keep technical skills up to date."
Be sure to invest time in keeping technical skills up to date. In today's workplace, obsolete technical skills can affect the value of your finance/accounting knowledge and experience.

Senior Financial Analyst in New York:
"Interesting, data drive."
Pros: Heavy focus on data analysis and looking into KPIs.
Cons: Data validation and data entry work.