Senior Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Financial Analyst?

Senior Financial Analyst in Memphis:
"Memphis is a growing and developing city, it's also close to a lot of places for weekend getaways."
Pros: You have everything you need without all the trouble and expenses of living in a big city
Cons: It's easier to have an impact

Senior Financial Analyst in Jacksonville:
Pros: The people
Cons: Working on a military base

Senior Financial Analyst in Nashua:
"Decent Location."
Pros: Nashua is conveniently located just over the boarder for tax advantages, while still close to Boston, the beach, or the mountains. There is a good concentration of amenities.
Cons: Population trends a little older than average.

Senior Financial Analyst in New York:
"Commute and cost of living."
Pros: The sights are spectacular.
Cons: Commuting and train delays along with expensive commuter and meals.

Senior Financial Analyst in Liverpool:
Pros: Easy to get to, near highways and airport.
Cons: Not walkable.

Senior Financial Analyst in Oklahoma City:
"It’s ok."
Pros: It’s cheap to live here. The streets are a grid system, so easy to navigate. The people are nice.
Cons: The weather sucks. The city is not walkable. It is expensive to travel from here.

Senior Financial Analyst in Atlanta:
Pros: Things to do, city culture, cost of living.
Cons: Traffic commute.