Senior Mechanical Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Mechanical Engineer?

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Minneapolis:
Make sure you know what you are worth and work hard to achieve it.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Richland:
"Stressful environment and top heavy organizational structure."
Pros: Coworkers, good benefits, option to purchase 5th week of paid time off, 6% match on 401(k), paid holidays, off every other friday, short commute,
Cons: Stressful work environment, government bureaucracy and red tape, excessive paperwork, slow progress, poor organizational structure, employee favoritism, demanding hours, wasteful spending and use of resources, extremely political.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Richland:
"Stressful conditions, slow progress, excessive paperwork."
Pros: Coworkers, every other Friday off, option to purchase 5th week of paid time off, paid holidays, good benefits, job security, short commute, 6 percent 401(k) match.
Cons: Top heavy organizational structure, extremely political, negative press, technically challenging, federal government scrutiny, competitive, employee favoritism, excessive paperwork, rework, layoffs, poor organizational structure.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Fort Wayne:
"Get 3D."
I wish I would have had more 3d drafting training and experience.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in San Francisco:
"Keep learning your entire career."
Keep learning every day. Take additional classes. Stay as general as possible. Get your engineering license. Attend trade shows. Network with other engineers.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Bend:
"Don't take your current job for granted."
Evaluate the perks of your current job before leaving for a new one. E.G. - Verify that your new job will have the same ones or ones worth giving up that you care about.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Madison:
"Go Big with BSME Early in life."
Get your masters degree before entering work force. Take and pass both the EIT and PE exams and maintain a proffesional network.