Senior Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Mechanical Engineer?

Senior Mechanical Engineer in St. Louis:
"It's been a good place to work for me."
Pros: My Family is here. I like the area.
Cons: The weather and the traffic.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Camas:
"Be a problem solver."
The best type of engineer is one who is drawn to solving problems. Even those that may not fall directly under mechanical engineering. Be open to support other departments as your training makes you an excellent problem solver.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Bedford:
"Great commute, quiet."
Pros: Short commute, good places to eat and great atmosphere.
Cons: Places around are a bit expensive and there is not many things to do.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in San Diego:
Look for a Mentor in every new job you start. After graduation, spend no more than 2 years at each job, then move to a new company. Do this for 6-7 years, then settle on a final company, and commit to them for the long term. You will create an incredible network of peers and mentors, and gain much more valuable experience.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in San Diego:
"A bit stressful at times, benefits getting reduced with UTC."
Pros: The Employee Scholar Program is the biggest perk. 100% tuition coverage for 1 degree of any kind, any major (with management approval), covers tuition, books, exam fees, everything. 401k matching is average: 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 3% or something like that. Sit/stand desks are awesome. Good ergonomic working equipment: keyboard, mouse, chairs are ok. Excellent location nationally. They do a great job of investing is training resources and giving you the freedom to take technical classes in their "Academy of Engineering Excellence" taught by technical focals across the 200,000 employee company. This give you great exposure to a wide variety of engineering disciplines and specialties. Managers work with you if you want to move laterally. Managers invest in the professional development of their employees helping them define and achieve specific goals.
Cons: No profit sharing program makes you feel like nothing more than a "resource" although management expect some kind of loyalty or something. If they want to boost the shareholder value they will Furlough their employees. They are not opposed to laying off people who have been there for decades and right away hire new college grads. The benefits are getting severely trimmed since UTC acquired our company. Fewer & more expensive medical insurance (granted that's partly due to Obamacare). According to UTC pays less then other aerospace companies in the area. Workload can be challenging. Sometimes it's hard to get approval for incentive pay that compensates for extra hours worked. Status-crazy environment where half the day is spent on trackers, lists, status updates, etc. No personalization of your work area is encouraged. They want to plug you in and out as needed.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Medina:
"Engineering is not how they teach it in school."
At least in this field be prepared for a lot of writing and documentation. The better you can express yourself the better. You can never be too creative or innovative.

Senior Mechanical Engineer in Malysia Kualalam:
"Work with Good company good salary."
Still take experience from other people dont miss good company because of salary.