Senior Product Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Product Manager?

Senior Product Manager in Greenville:
"Working in a growing community is extremely beneficial for work/life balance. Small town with a big city element."
Pros: Greenville is located between two major cities and between the mountains and beach. It gives individuals and families great options for life outside of work. The community is growing with more younger generations planting their feet here to grow in their career.
Cons: Greenville is growing too fast and the infrastructure and pay scale is not keeping up with cost of living.

Senior Product Manager in Salt Lake City:
"Great place to be!"
Pros: There are a lot of opportunities here in tech and growing at a great rate.
Cons: Pay is just okay.

Senior Product Manager in Foster City:
"Tries to be a tech company but falls a bit short."
Pros: The onsite gym, snacks, weather.
Cons: The long commute from SF

Senior Product Manager in Denver:
"Get to know internal experts in partner orginizations."
Finding partner experts in various, internal, organizations, makes managing a product much more effective and lasting. It also helps with the adoption of new products and support processes.

Senior Product Manager in Sunnyvale:
"Good company , tech heavy."
Pros: Good work life balance. Convenient commute. Friendly management. Very engineering focused work culture.
Cons: Stagnant. High attrition. Low pay scale. Struggling for success. Old school development model.

Senior Product Manager in San Francisco:
"A city of pros and cons."
Pros: Walkability, lots to do, culture, nightlife.
Cons: Traffic, lots of car break-ins, homeless and drug addicts.

Senior Product Manager in San Francisco:
Be well versed with Agile methodology for software development as well as understand the market your company is targeting. Socialize with other successful product managers and product owners on professional topics of best practices and ways to be successful with in your own organization.