Senior Software Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Software Engineer?

Senior Software Engineer in San Antonio:
"Am I worth more?"
You are done coding. Just accept it and move on.

Senior Software Engineer in Huntsville:
"Great Company. Smart People."
Pros: The people I work with are great and the company has been very good to me.

Senior Software Engineer in Richmond:
Software is the wrong field if you're not passionate about code.

Senior Software Engineer in St. Paul:
"Technical And Management Skill."
Develop deep technical knowledge and teamwork skills.

Senior Software Engineer in New York:
"Enjoyable if it's been your dream."
Pros: It's what I've wanted to do since late middle school/early high school.
Cons: There is a lot of incompetence and red tape, but that probably goes with all white collar environments.

Senior Software Engineer in Lanham:
"Practical Skills."
Experience trumps all book-learning.

Senior Software Engineer in Minneapolis:
"An Accounting Firm Trying To Run A Software-As-Service Firm."
Pros: 5 weeks of paid vacation. 1 week a day work from home. Reasonable autonomy.
Cons: Parent company is an accounting firm trying to run a software-as-service subsidiary like an accounting firm. This leads to "penny wisdom and pound foolishness" as little, if anything is invested in the training and equipment. Furthermore, the management is squeezed between parent company counter-productive mandates for ever greater cost savings and for ever greater profit margins, leading to salaries often 15%-20% below market, short-term-ism in projects, and lack of nurturing for professional growth.