Senior Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Software Engineer?

Senior Software Engineer in Atlanta:
"Since I've been there."
Pros: Routine and predictable.
Cons: Reviewing and analysing other people's code.

Senior Software Engineer in Vienna:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: I like the work flexibility and work environment.
Cons: Upper management decisions are sometimes not as transparent; pay is not competitive (?)

Senior Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Leading towards Innovation."
Pros: New technology to work with , 200% match 401k.
Cons: Lacks diversity , average pay scale.

Senior Software Engineer in Santa Clara:
"Good learning experience."
Pros: Get to work on multiple things. Management listens to feedback and responds quickly. Can study at Stanford while working.
Cons: Lot of politics. Too much talk and less action.

Senior Software Engineer in Salt Lake City:
"Self directed learning."
Learn things on your own time. Read a lot of books, blogs, etc. Practice katas. Find your passion and go deep - be it testing, lean, continuous delivery, etc.

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"A more defined structure of the job position."
Clearly define your reporting hierarchy of the work you do. Require that you have a QA program to find flaws in the software you design before its release because it is un-reasonable that you will find everything.

Senior Software Engineer in Portland:
"Love it."
If you love Software Engineering, you will never hate a day at work. But, do not be passive about raises.