Senior Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Software Engineer?

Senior Software Engineer in Dallas:
"Big city..good and bad."
Pros: Lots of job opportunities and the pay is good. Lots of things to do and places to eat.
Cons: The traffic can be difficult, and competition for jobs is pretty intense.

Senior Software Engineer in Minneapolis:
"Great city to work in."
Pros: Not too big. Very close to nature. Good metropolis ffeel.
Cons: Cold and frigid winters. Can't really go out that much in the winder.

Senior Software Engineer in Boise:
Being motivated and competent makes you a programming superstar. Also if you're not funny don't tell jokes.

Senior Software Engineer in Denver:
"Pretty Good."
Pros: There seems to be enough work around the city if you have the experience, networking, and are willing to stay up-to-date with new technologies. There are even some options for telecommuting in the area.
Cons: Still a lot of companies against or strictly limiting telecommuting.

Senior Software Engineer in Leawood:
"Experience in the field is more important than certification."
I began taking classes at a for-profit university but didn't finish because I was able to get a job in the field and that experience was more valuable to employers than additional certifications.

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Keep Learning."
Continue to learn in order to keep up with the technologies. At the same time, don't ignore your soft skills. It's important to be able to communicate to others well about your ideas, projects, problems, solutions, etc.

Senior Software Engineer in Atlanta:
"Know Your Value."
Know how much you are worth!