Senior Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Software Engineer?

Senior Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Cushy Comfortable and Fun."
Pros: I really love my job. Everyone is very casual and the environment is low-stress. I go to work at 11, hang out and have snacks and solve interested problems all day. I really like programming and so I'm lucky to have a job that lets me do it! As I've grown in the organization, I've spent more and more time in meetings. They're good because they let me shape the direction the company is going and make important decisions, but sometimes I feel like I don't get any work done because I'm always in meetings. There are occasional periods of crunch time when it's not as fun, but they're not usually more than a week every couple of months. I'm also very pleased with my compensation.
Cons: I literally can't think of a single bad thing to say about it. They really take care of us. I'm planning on leaving after 3 years because I want to stretch my legs and travel, but I'm so happy with my job.

Senior Software Engineer in Westford:
Work extra hard. Continue learning. Take challenges.

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Learn by practicing."
Learn the basics of OO principles including SOLID, and a few design patterns and how to use them. Learn them by heart.

Senior Software Engineer in Virginia Beach:
"Learn to Let Go and Look at the Big Picture."
The hardest jump between being a code-monkey and taking the reigns for mentoring others and becoming more of a leader is knowing when to let others struggle. A less experienced programmer may be slower, may make mistakes and may not do things -your- way but you need to be patient. Let them struggle a little bit because eventually they'll be an asset to make the entire team successful. As you become a Senior programmer you need to be thinking about the architecture of the whole application and not get so caught up in the weeds.

Senior Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Corporate Life."
Pros: Stability.
Cons: So many things that need to be done because they are mandated from the top down, but no priority is given to expedite these tasks, they are just seen as "part of the job".

Senior Software Engineer in California City:
Pros: Nice technology and good scope to learn.
Cons: Nothing much.

Senior Software Engineer in Westford:
"Patience, take time to learn new things."
Be aggressive in initiating, present new ideas.